An assortment of Yahtzeen stuff

Top Ten Yahtzeen Songs

  1. I Kissed A Girl (Jill Sobule)
  2. Calling All Girls (Smattering)
  3. I Got A Girl (Tripping Daisy)
  4. I Like Young Girls (Love Jones)
  5. Girl (Frente!)
  6. Hi Hi Pretty Girl (The Woggles)
  7. Gonna Be My Girl (The Devil Dogs)
  8. Mystery Girl (The Mono Men)
  9. Rock and Roll Girl (Paul Collins Beat)
  10. Girl U Want (Devo)

Typical week for a Fargo hipster....

Monday.....go to class, work, nap, go to Ralph's.
Tuesday.....go to class, work, band practice, go to Ralph's.
Wednesday.....skip class, visit Vinyl Connection, go to Ralph's.
Thursday.....go to class, work,watch Friends, go to Ralph's.
Friday.....skip class, think about moving, go to Ralph's, go to a party.
Saturday.....sleep till noon, band practice, go to Ralph's, go to a party.
Sunday.....sleep till noon, lunch, nap,wonder what to do since Ralph's is closed, find a party.

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