Barfusserplatzine Issue Three It's no secret that I can't stand poetry in zines, fuck I can't stand it most of the time to be honest with you. The first two pages of this 8 page thing weren't that bad, I liked the list of natural highs even though it was really small, smaller than even the tiniest font size Yahtzeen uses. The pages of poetry I can do without though, but that's a personal thing and shouldn't keep any of you poetry lovers from checking it out. Find it at local coffee shops or a 32 stamp should get you one by writin to PO Box 10583/Fargo, ND 58103-053

Carother's Bros. #5 Not as full on funny as past issue but they still crack me up like no other. Hilarity oozes from the "Carother's Brothers Presents the Definitive Guide to Everything Punk Rock in the Moorhead/Fargo Area" which just flat out hits the nail on the head more than once, especially the John Smith mention. These guys are just too funny, I can't believe how funny they are. I didn't care too much for the silly story on the DIY since I don't see how one can write an unbiased acount of a place they refer to as "fabled". Oh well, I stil love them and I'm sure they expected that from me anyway. This may be the last issue, but we've heard that before. Send them a buck to either of these addresses: Po Box 281/Fergus Falls, MN 56537 or 1415 1st Ave. N/Fargo, ND 58102.

The Garage Dibune #20 Okay you've gotta trust me on this one, if you do anything at all with your life today make it this. Write your address on an envelope and put a stampon it, now put that envelope into another envelope and write this address on it, Pablo Kjolseth/1075 Grant Place/Boulder, CO 80302, and mail it. If you don't like what you get back I'll give you two stamps and envelopes. Now do it.

hmmm...#4 About a year and a half ago I for some reason had this strange urge to move to a town by the name of Bellingham in Washington. Needless to say I never moved but reading this zine kinda makes me wish I had, not that it really says much about Bellingham but it just seems so happy and fun and right now I'm thinking anywhere would be better than Fargo, so why not Bellingham. A nice clean layout and writing that seems to come straight from the heart make this a must-see zine, especially if you are into surf/gargae music as it seems to be the concentration of reviews. $1 or 3 stamps to 401 16th street #2/Bellingham, WA 98225.

Nonny's TV #7 Wow! Nonny has taken a full turn in this issue and I'd have to say this is his best issue ever. Apparently John (a.ka. Nonny) has found God, which is cool because he seems to be quite happy now, along with realizing he might have been a bit harsh on things in previous issues. He mentioned being apprehensive about writing this issue because of what people might think. Well I'd have to say that anybody that would rag him for what he wrote is a big loser and he'd be better off without knowing them. Thanks John for the apology. It's free bucko's but send a stamp to show how cool you are to 1301 20th St S #13/Moorhead, MN 56560.

Roessiger Issue Five I don't know if I've ever laid eyes on a zine before and at first glance just wanted to steal everything out of it and pawn it off as my own humor. Roessiger makes the satire and vicious attacks of local zines like Yahtzeen and Carother's Bros. look like Saturday morning cartoons. I doubt in the zine community it gets any better than this. Incredibly funny and evil all at once. A must have.

Thicker Number 4 This is just too damn big for me to get into too much detail. I can tell you that I enjoy getting Thicker and that you would too if you like music that falls somewhere above most punk bands and below most major label stuff. Hope that made sense. I haven't seen it available in town anywhere so if interested just write to them at PO Box 882283/San Francisco, CA 94188-2283 or e-mail them at

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